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Coming Fall  2024


Borderland is a debut poetry collection by award-winning author Ross Victory, exploring the intersections of masculinity, race, bisexuality, and grief in the United States. Through narrative and free verse, Victory's poetic voice probes the complexities of identity, examining how traditional roles, societal norms, personal experiences, and cultural expectations shape our lives.


Victory's depiction oscillates between profound beauty, joy, and desire, to stark realities and inconvenient truths, portraying his roles as a son, student, teacher, and lover. The collection articulates fears and hopes, ranging from the anxiety of being overlooked to the agony of loss. Central pieces like Keys to the Kingdom and Borderland challenge tradition and conformity, exploring notions of divine love and “Kevlar skin” formed at the crossroads of hetero and homonormativity.


Victory invites readers into a realm where borders are both established and questioned, where creative expression is protest, providing a resonant voice for those navigating their own borderlands.

The Invitation

DALL·E 2024-07-24 15.08.55 - A brown man handing a gold illuminated envelope to the camera

Bisexuality is a flick of a light switch in a room you never knew existed--an illumination of more.

It's a jolt,

a reminder of a truth unseen and ever-present.

A cold war between the mind's imagination and heart's capacity to connect and to desire--without language--borderless--enveloped in the eloquence of your uniqueness.

This invitation has been quietly placed in the mailboxes of those who can embrace its call.

Open now, later, or return to sender,

It waits...

each lifetime,

to be opened.

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