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Ross Victory is an emerging singer, songwriter and producer from Los Angeles, California, making a difference with his music and his message.
Since his 2019 debut, the prolific producer has dropped over two dozen tracks of r&b slow jams, soulful pop bops, hip-hop joints, and club bangers. He has connected with fans worldwide on popular tracks like 2022’s steamy “Bounce”, with a sound that pairs 90s-inspired soul and cutting edge modern beats with relatable and representative lyrics.
A cross-disciplinary creator and educator at his core, Victory is also an award-winning novelist and a successful entrepreneur. After losing both his father and brother in recent years, the life-long musician and entertainer decided to seize life and he directed all his energy to creative projects and empowerment. All of Ross' work promotes intersectional themes of self empowerment, unity, and inclusion while also advocating for the issues of LGBTQ and bi youth.

Artist, author and activist...
Ross Victory is fighting the fight and dropping fire along the way.

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