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Ross Victory is an emerging singer, songwriter, and producer from Los Angeles, California, who captivates audiences with his music and his message. Nurtured on radio and the timeless R&B of the '90s from artists like Sade and Anita Baker and the iconic West Coast hip-hop, Ross crafts songs that are deeply personal, relatable, and melodic. His sound is versatile and distinctive, transcending genres while staying true to his roots.

Throughout his childhood, Ross graced many stages, participating in numerous talent shows and music competitions. As social media took root with platforms like MySpace Music, he embraced these new opportunities to share his music, building a dedicated fanbase in the 2010s.

In 2019, reintroduced his music and has released an impressive array of tracks that blend R&B, pop, and hip-hop. His popular track "Bounce" from 2022 stands out with its steamy vibe, marrying '90s soul with contemporary beats. His collaborative effort with Ne-Yo on "My Fault" in 2021, a trumpet-imbued track addressing racial injustice, showcases his commitment to blending music with a message. Additionally, "One Step at a Time," released on World Mental Health Day, encapsulates his dedication to uplifting and inspiring his listeners.

Ross is not just a musician but also a cross-disciplinary creator, an award-winning novelist, and a successful entrepreneur. He channels his profound personal losses into his work, promoting self-empowerment, unity, and inclusion, and advocating for LGBTQ and bi youth. As an author, Ross is exploring new horizons by developing audiobooks that integrate his original music, enhancing the narrative experience and fusing his twin passions for storytelling and music.

Ross Victory, artist, author, and activist, is a beacon of creativity and advocacy, inspiring change and touching hearts with every project he undertakes.

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