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EGG Ross Victory
Father & Sun by Ross Victory
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VFTC Universe produces creative nonfiction and thematic short stories and novelettes covering themes of family, relationships, adventure, and the collective or individual pursuit of inner peace; Stories with global mindsets that break geographical borders; Stories that challenge the status quo; Stories that showcase the diversity of life experiences of black and brown artists, non-monosexual identities, and the challenges these groups face to be seen, heard, and understood; Stories that are descriptive, emotional, thematic, and prioritize authentic narratives over commercial viability.

Because of social media, artists and creators have seconds to grab attention.

VFTC Universe aims to deliver memorable literature that can be read and absorbed between 90-100 minutes or between 7,000 and 17,000 words (100 pages or less) to observe the need for quick, engaging art in the digital era.