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Ross Victory is a Los Angeles-based multimedia artist whose life and work are stitched together with threads of resilience, transformation, and advocacy. With a portfolio that spans literature, music, and social activism, Ross is a beacon of creativity and change.

He is the author of six published books, across nonfiction and fiction genres, a testament to his prolific output.

His journey into the arts was catalyzed by the loss of his father (2014) and brother (2017), reigniting a lifelong passion for creative writing that became a conduit for healing and connection.

A multi-talented creator, Ross is best known for his award-winning father-son memoir, "Views from the Cockpit," his infectious tracks like "Bounce" and "Bisexual Daze," and the spine-chilling YA horror series "Grandpa's Cabin." Since debuting his music career in 2019, he has released 12 singles and 2 EPs, which capture a spectrum of styles and moods, reflecting the rich foundation of '90s R&B and hip-hop he was raised on. As a former English teacher, he melds his love for language and gift for storytelling with his passion for music, crafting songs that are memorable and resonate deeply, such as "One Step at a Time," released on World Mental Health Day, and the trumpet-imbued "My Fault," a collaboration with Ne-Yo addressing racial injustice, self-pity, and blame.

Ross's advocacy journey is intertwined with his commitment to addressing societal issues, beginning with his involvement in homelessness organizations. His work with Shower of Hope and Covenant House underscores his dedication to illuminating the intersection of social justice and community service. This foundation in advocacy extends into his involvement and activism for the Bi+/LGBTQ communities.


In 2020, Ross connected with, channeling his experiences and insights to aid in the development of an affirmative therapist directory as part of the Mental Health Justice Coalition subcommittee. By the fall of 2023, he joined the board of the Los Angeles Bi+ Task Force an education and cultural enrichment non-profit in Los Angeles. Here, Ross champions safer workplaces but also gives a visibility to Bi+ Black Men and MSPEC young adults, advocating for their unique needs and rights. Ross' story also brings much-needed attention to elder abuse, shining a light on this often-overlooked issue and advocating for the dignity and safety, regardless of age or identity.

Interweaving his talents in storytelling and music with direct action—is a testament to Ross' dedication to fostering inclusion and empowerment. His endeavors in higher education and various nonprofits reflect a life dedicated to uplifting others and advocating for change, making Ross Victory not just a prolific creator, but an agent of transformation.

Short bio (Books, music, activism) (100 words)

Ross Victory, a Los Angeles multimedia artist, turns personal tragedy into artistic triumph and activism. Overcoming the loss of his father and brother, his creative journey spans six books, award-winning memoirs like "Views from the Cockpit," catchy singles such as "Bisexual Daze," and a gripping YA horror series. His music, influenced by '90s R&B and hip-hop, includes collaborations addressing racial injustice on the track "My Fault," hosted by Ne-Yo. A former English teacher, Ross's advocacy extends from homelessness to mental health and Bi+/LGBTQ rights. Joining forces with organizations like the LA Bi+ Task Force, he's a vocal advocate for Bi+ Black Men, MSPEC youth, and elder abuse, making him a beacon of resilience.

Music focused (100 words)

Ross Victory transformed his lifelong passion for songwriting and singing, honed in talent shows, into a vibrant independent music career. Rekindling his musical journey in 2019 with "Savor the View," written for his audiobook "Views from the Cockpit," he quickly made his mark with 12 singles and 2 EPs. Rooted in '90s R&B and West Coast hip-hop, his music, including anthems like "Bounce" and "Bisexual Daze," showcases his storytelling prowess and the range of his pen. "My Fault," hosted by Grammy Award winner Ne-Yo, addresses racial injustice, demonstrating his ability to merge soulful sounds with powerful messages. Ross's music tracks also delve into mental health and hope, particularly in "One Step at a Time." His songs offer listeners a variety of moods and vibes, cemented in his personal pursuit of personal freedom, joy, and connection. 

Book focused (100 words)

Ross Victory, a prolific author, channels a lifetime of storytelling into his literature, inspired by his father's love for storytelling and that father-son duo's shared interest in collecting library cards nationwide. Growing up crafting stories, Ross transitioned his narrative talents into six published books, spanning fiction and non-fiction. His journey, marked by personal loss, fueled his writing, leading to the award-winning father-son memoir "Views from the Cockpit." His works, including the spine-chilling YA horror series "Grandpa's Cabin," showcase his versatility and depth, focusing on family, adventure, and identity themes. Ross's emotive, descriptive writing style honors his father's legacy and connects deeply with readers, making him a standout voice in contemporary literature.

Advocacy focused (100 words)

Raised in a family of public servants, Ross Victory channels his advocacy for Bi+/LGBTQ rights through writing and music, spotlighting social justice. At Shower of Hope, he aids the unhoused, and as an Advisory Board Member for Covenant House, he raises awareness for homeless youth in Los Angeles. Since joining the Los Angeles Bi+ Task Force in October 2023, Ross has significantly contributed to support networks for the Bi+ community, especially in mental health. Ross's multifaceted advocacy, combining service, the arts, and storytelling, underscores his approach to encouraging and modeling societal shifts.

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