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Ross Victory is an advocate for Bi+ and LGBTQ rights, intertwining his advocacy, and personal story with his talent for writing and music to promote social justice.


Inspired by his parents, who dedicated their lives to public service on a global scale, Ross dedicates himself to initiatives such as Shower of Hope, which strives to improve the lives of the unhoused by providing clean showers and job opportunities. His role as an Advisory Board Member for Covenant House has led him to participate in their sleep-out events, raising awareness and fostering compassion for homeless youth in Los Angeles.

As a board member of the Los Angeles Bi+ Task Force since October 2023, Ross has been a key figure in advancing support networks for the Bi+ community, mainly through the Bi+ Mental Health Coalition Subcommittee, which vetted and developed a list of affirmative therapists. 

His music, particularly the track "Bisexual Daze," serves as both a beacon and a conversation starter, highlighting the importance of inclusion and the impact of radical self-expression.

Ross's advocacy is not limited to one medium; he leverages storytelling in his written works and music to create a unique advocacy web. His approach—melding service, storytelling, and direct action—is a testament to his dedication to effecting positive change.

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