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Empowering Bisexual+, Fluid, and MSPEC Men Through Creative Writing 

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Welcome to "Embracing All of Me," a 10-week, online, self-paced course led by Ross Victory, former English teacher, 6x published author, music artist, and Bi+ advocate.


"Embracing All of Me," a first of its kind, integrates creative writing and personal development for Bi+, Pansexual, Fluid, and MSPEC men.

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Imagine Who You Could Be,

If Your Story Were at the Center

Focusing on themes like combating Biphobia, coming out (or not), and more, the course employs narrative techniques and mimesis, to blend life into art through re-authoring. Suitable for individuals 18+, "EAOM" provides a private, convenient, self-paced learning experience.


Participants will explore writing styles and genres, from essays to music reviews, horror to anime to humor, while engaging in lectures, readings, videos, and personal journey stories to deepen their understanding of Bi+ issues.


Supported by expert guest speakers and archival records, "EAOM" offers a holistic approach guiding participants through social issues with an engaging backdrop.

By the end of the course, participants will have written up to 40,000 words, forming either a personal anthology or laying the groundwork for their writing careers, along with a deepened understanding of their identities and experiences.

Give yourself permission to experience the power of words up close! 

Invest in yourself with "Embracing All of Me."

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  • Narrative Therapy Approach: Utilizing storytelling as a means to re-author and reframe by externalizing personal experiences and opinions in written form.

  • Experiential Learning: Hands-on creative writing activities to apply and experience course concepts directly.

  • Community-Based Learning: EAOM creates a supportive environment where participants learn from and with each other, enriching their collective experience and a holistic learning experience.

  • Reflective Practice: Participants are encouraged to introspect and reflect on their learning journey, deepening their personal growth and understanding of writing techniques, experiences, and identities.

  • Culturally Aligned Instruction: The course content is tailored and centered around Bi+ men (Bi, Pan, Fluid, Queer, Non-monosexual, etc.) issues. With creative writing as the foundation and the theme, or context, of "bisexuality," engagement feels meaningful and applicable to the students' lives, creating the byproduct of better writing skills and in some cases deeper literacy.

  • Interdisciplinary Approach: EAOM integrates insights from experts in psychology, sociology, gender studies, and creative writing for a comprehensive experience. EAOM personal journey stories humanize and contextualize the learning material, while expert commentary adds depth to create a transformative educational experience.


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Course Features

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Learning Objectives & Outcomes

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Self-Discovery at Your Pace on Your Terms:


Participants will explore and articulate their own identities and experiences of bisexuality through various creative writing forms and topics, leading to a deeper self-understanding using the practical application of writing techniques.


Empathy and Exposure:


Participants will gain the ability to create rich, empathetic character profiles and narratives, enhancing their understanding of the diverse experiences within bisexual+ community.


Engagement with Social Issues:


Participants will critically analyze and challenge societal myths, misconceptions, and prejudices about Bi+ men and become equipped with information, empowered, and supported through informed discussion, references, and creative expression.


Self-Advocacy and Narrative Ownership:


Participants will learn to use their writing as a advocacy tool and will understand how to assert fearlessly, enhancing their ability to share and publish their original stories and ideas. Participants are empowered to not only use their voice within the course but in broader social, cultural, and professional contexts.


Creative Resilience and Wellness:


Participants will cultivate creative resilience by using writing as a means of self-care and generating original stories and ideas and mental wellness, building a repertoire of strategies to navigate and express the complexities of bisexual+ identity in a supportive and affirming way.


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Module 0: Learning Management System Usage Terms, Confidentiality & Codes of Engagement Agreement
Module 1: Welcome and Foundations
Module 2: Creative Nonfiction: Exploring Contemporary Narratives in Academia and Activism in the U.S.
Module 3: Storytelling Alchemy – Comics & Anime Themes, Character Empathy, and Sensory Exploration
Module 4: Fluidity in Ancient Times and Greek Mythology to Modern Myths of Bisexual+ People
Module 5: Advocacy and Representation in Imagined Spaces
Module 6: Voice of Influence – Unraveling Shame, Guilt, and Religion through Dialogue
Module 7: Tales of Terror - Dissecting Homophobia & Biphobia using Horror Stories
Module 8: Bisexual Island - Break Free from the Matrix: Sci-Fi & Fantasy as a Lens
Module 9: Sound Escapes - Self-Care with Poetry and Music
Module 10: Jokes on You - Humor, Satire, and Coming Out or not
Module 11: First Drafts, Revising Self, Embracing All of Me - The Power of Personal Writing

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New Keys,
New Adventures.
Only You Can Unlock the Door to

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Certificate of Completion (included)

Crystal Key (not included)

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  • How much is Embracing All of Me?
    "Embracing All of Me" is priced at $349 per participant, a value reflective of the comprehensive benefits it offers. This cost encompasses: Access to Modules 0-10, expert instruction & guest speakers Platform costs Moderation of shared spaces Ongoing quality assurance, course updates, and optimization In-course feedback on writing assignments from a human for 10 weeks Ongoing recruitment, marketing and advertising efforts We've labored to keep the fees as low as possible without compromising on quality of materials, design, and functionality. To support accessibility, we offer a range of options for those who might find the cost prohibitive. EAOM is currently developing corporate and personal sponsorship options, need-based scholarships to ensure that everyone who wishes to participate can do so, regardless of their financial situation. We know the value EAOM can bring may be life changing to Bi+ men(!), so we want to make sure it's yours if you need it and also maintain a viable, healthy, business. Email to learn more about becoming a sponsor, an affiliate partner, and need-based scholarships and payment plays.
  • Are there any prerequisites or prior experience needed to join the "Embracing All of Me" course?
    EAOM is not graded and not for credit. While the course references technical writing and science-based information, the course is not a technical writing or grammar focused course. We facilitate an educational environment where Bi+ men feel centered in our narrative and provide access to writing methods to express. Participants should be able to read and write English at a 7th-8th grade level. EAOM is compatible with dictation software and screen readers.
  • Is this course only for Bi+ men? What is Bi+?
    Yes, EAOM is curated, designed, and intended for Bi+ men audiences, this includes Bi+ disabled men, trans men and gender nonconforming people who also identify as men. This space is not for allies. Passionate allies who wish to support this initiative are encouraged to become sponsors and/or affiliate partners. Note: The course was developed in the U.S.A. While visibility is increasing by the year, programming, events, media, personalities, etc. are scarce and limited for men with non-monosexual experiences and identities, especially Bi+ black men and men of color, who experience additional layers of isolation and potential for erasure. Bi+ Umbrella includes people who typically identify as one or more of the below: Bisexual/Bi Pansexual/Pan Omnisexual Fluid Polysexual Plurisexual No labels MSPEC (Multi-Attraction or Multisexual Spectrum) Queer Ambisexual Heteroflexible Homoflexible *emerging identities that may be targets of biphobia
  • How does EAOM ensure a safe and inclusive environment for all participants?
    Participants are enrolled from pre-submitted interest forms. After registering and paying for the course, participants receive a Docusign link within 24 hours, which includes information about the code of conduct, confidentiality, their intellectual property rights, and a Learning Management System (LMS) usage agreement. Participants are not able to gain access to course modules or community prompts before registering, paying the course fee, and signing the usage agreement. Pseudonyms and avatars are linked to legal full names during registration and are accessible to EAOM only. The Learning Management System (LMS) has a report button in community areas to report interactions. Reporting and Review Process of Complaints in Public Spaces Individual Case Review: Reports are reviewed on a case-by-case basis. This includes reports of racism, homophobia, biphobia, transphobia, misogyny, and offensive language, among other things, including lewd and explicit material or communications. Evaluation Criteria: Contextual Relevance: EAOM will ask whether the reported content, including any lewd or explicit elements, is relevant to a course module or writing prompt or unrelated to the course objectives. Growth and Coping: EAOM will ask if the author focused on personal growth, expressed their coping mechanisms and emotional journey or was something stated erroneously. Qualifying Language: EAOM will ask if the author indicated awareness of their shares impact on others in the space and welcomed opportunities to learn. Does the share generalize about a cultural group? Does the share oversimplify a complex issue? Handling Lewd and Explicit Content: Special attention is given to reports involving unwanted, irrelevant lewd or explicit content, ensuring that such material is not shared gratuitously and is in line with the educational goals of the course. For the Writing Assignment “You for Dessert,” which occurs in the context of a sensory descriptive lesson, and the Humor, Satire Coming Out lesson which uses jokes and humor, some participants may use descriptions that are suggestive and sensual in their pieces. Because we are a creative writing course, we want to underscore the learning opportunity of navigating language complexity while meeting the objective of the lesson. If students feel sex and nudity are essential to their pieces in these modules, participants should warn students within the first two lines of the piece. Misuse of Reporting System: Misuse of the reporting feature will follow the same three-strike process as other violations, as review takes time and resources. Consider: what is the context and objective – was this an interaction or a response to a prompt? Are harmful generalizations being made and against whom? Am I annoyed and triggered or is this issue being portrayed in an insensitive one-size-fits all manner that needs intervention? Does this need administrative support or a personal connection? Zero Tolerance for Threats of Violence Immediate Action on Threats: Any threats of violence (emotional or physical) against other students in the EAOM container (publicly or privately), their families, friends, relatives, or associates will be met with an immediate removal. In the rare case, one warning will be given, the participant will be removed from the LMS with no refund. Harassment, Unwanted Attention, Consent to Direct Message EAOM prohibits any form of harassment or unwanted attention, and any such behavior will be met with immediate action, including potential removal from the course without a refund. Harassment and unwanted attention are determined by the complaining party and may include requesting personal details that have not been shared voluntarily in writing prompts, inappropriate recurring comments about the person's appearance, requests or multiple (unreciprocated) attempts to contact directly. Participants are encouraged to report any incidents they experience or witness, ensuring that everyone feels secure and respected. As EAOM is not a dating site, participants understand to conduct themselves, ask for consent to contact directly, and understand that no means no. Examples of Potentially Problematic Public Shares: A participant publicly shares a piece that includes a personal experience with homo/bi/transphobic remarks, behavior or discrimination from a demographic they are not in. In my experience, people from [specific group or country] always seem to have a certain way of thinking about [a particular issue]." I think the solution to [complex social issue] is really simple; people just need to [oversimplified solution]." 2. Discussions around personal preferences, in contexts like dating, partner preferences, attractiveness, etc., need to be navigated with sensitivity and an awareness of the diverse backgrounds and experiences of the participants. · "Ew, I don't date [gender] from [specific race/ethnicity] because they are [stereotype], I just don't find them attractive." The writing course exists to emphasize sharing personal emotions, thoughts, and reflections. EAOM encourages participants to use the power of language to speak from their own experiences and how those experiences have impacted them emotionally rather than making broad statements about groups or demographics. Broad statements tend to begin with “all.” If the interaction violates our policy, EAOM will enact a three-strike process with written warnings and reference to the usage agreement contract. After three strikes, the participant will be removed from the course without a refund. Participants' homework assignments are not shared in community spaces. Free writing prompts, journal prompts, and digging deeper exercises are for the participants' use. Assignments and written pieces that prompt interaction or commenting with other members enact a zero-tolerance policy with no refund for bullying, harassment, and discrimination based on identity, visibility, geographic location, religion, and disability status defined in the Docusign link.
  • How will this course help me understand and express my bisexuality more clearly?
    "Embracing All of Me" (EAOM) harnesses creative writing as a tool for Bi+ men to explore and articulate their experiences both indirectly and directly. Participants engage deeply with their identities and experiences using various writing techniques, prompts, videos, expert interviews, and personal journey stories. Think of the topic of Creative Writing being "the vehicle" and the driver is non-monosexual person. Sometimes it's you. Sometimes it's someone else and you are the passenger. Each module provides additional resources for those who seek to delve further into specific topics related to writing or bisexuality. EAOM offers a nonjudgmental platform, enriched by educational dual insights in writing and bisexuality. The course also benefits from the creator's background as an English teacher, author, and creative professional, as well as his personal experiences as a bi man. EAOM is not a substitute for therapy from a licensed professional.
  • Can I participate in EAOM if I'm questioning or curious?
    Embracing All of Me respects the Bi+ umbrella, which means anyone who is non-monosexual identifying can benefit from information and techniques in the course regardless of their age, geographic location, or ethnic background. Some concepts may assist questioning or curious users in their identity developmental process.
  • What kind of commitment in terms of time and effort is required?
    Participants should expect to spend 2-4 hours per week on modules, reflective writing, and homework. New modules are released when homework for the previously module is submitted.
  • What resources or support for continued learning and exploration are available after the course is completed?
    The course should be used in conjunction with broader support program. Participants will have access to all modules and the community spaces for 12 weeks (3 months). Participants will also have access to support groups, affirmative therapy directories, and a host of affinity groups during this time period.

About Your Instructor

Ross Victory, an LA-based artist and educator, merges his experiences teaching at Sogang University in Seoul and Citrus Community College with a diverse artistic portfolio. His body of work, including six books and a vibrant Hip Hop/R&B music collection, reflects his multimedia talents in writing and music.

Currently at UCLA’s Continuing School of Education, Ross excels in implementing custom programs for international audiences.


His independent initiative, ‘Embracing All of Me,’ uniquely intertwines his educational expertise and authorial insights, creating a fusion of education, creative expression, and identity exploration.

As a board member of the Los Angeles Bi+ Task Force, Ross uses his artistic and entrepreneurial acumen to progress Greater L.A.'s Bi+/LGBTQ community, with a particular focus on emotional and identity literacy needs of Bi+ Black men and men of color, and young adults.

An artist first, Ross's approach in both advocacy and education is driven by his creative vision, establishing him as both a transformative leader and an influential figure.

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Embracing All of Me

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