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Ross Victory (he/him) is a Multimedia Artist making a difference through literature, music, and his message. Victory has been featured in dozens of media outlets and podcasts, including LA Weekly, LA Blade, LA Progressive, Writer's Life, and Fix Yourself First. After losing his father and brother, Ross rediscovered the healing power of creative writing. He began engaging in online dialogues about grief, self-discovery, and transformation, putting the lifelong creator back in touch with his childhood love for creative writing, resulting in the creation of a dizzying amount of original art.


Best known for his award-winning father-son memoir Views from the Cockpit, his club bangers Bounce and Bisexual Daze, and his YA horror series Grandpa's Cabin, Victory uses his experience as an English teacher and love for language to craft worlds that engage and entertain while illuminating communities in which he occupies. Ross's work promotes themes of intersectionality, family, and adventure. 


Whether supporting teen issues on a crisis helpline, volunteering with Shower of Hope to support homeless job seekers, or raising awareness about the Bi+ community or elder abuse, advocacy has been a part of Ross' story and a source of inspiration and purpose. In 2020, Victory began volunteering with and became involved in the Bi+ Mental Health Justice Subcommittee to develop and vet an affirmative mental health therapist directory. He later joined the nonprofit Los Angeles Bi+ Task Force, as a board member in the Fall of 2023 to champion the voices of Bi+ Black Men, MSPEC young adults, and advocate for safer workplaces. 


Ross lives in Los Angeles and works full-time in Higher Education in international program development.

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Self Help through Creative Writing

Do you have a story to tell or a song to sing?

As a former ESL teacher, published author, and songwriter, creative writing is the most powerful way to take control of your narrative.

Our words and our voice will outlive us, so if you have an origin story the world needs to hear, get a free copy of my motivational ebook!


Writer's Digest, Nicole Howard 

"I’m overwhelmed by the *gorgeous* language in this book...descriptive magic that reminds me of Alice Sebold’s breathtaking phrasing. So many stellar descriptions stopped me in my tracks so that I could turn the phrasing around and around in appreciation. Very well done. As the sensory details continue to bring the story to life, we find ourselves carried along in a fine cadence, as the plot progresses well, with no lulls in the middle. There is never a weak portion of the story."

Penguin Random House, Michael McConnell

"...Victory is a talented writer. He has written a compelling page-turner in a style that is personally reflective. Victory’s representation of his father bursts with love and awe. The questions of family, loyalty, honor, and truth emerge and will resonate with just about everyone. With an incredible ending that you must read to believe, this book does not disappoint." 

African American Literature Book Club, Robert Fleming
"Urgent, courageous words from a Black man confronting sexual orientation, guilt, cultural prejudice, and gender bias. It takes a lot to stand up."

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