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If you were to write a book about your Life, what would the title be? If you burst into song every time someone met you, what song would you sing?

"Your Story Is Your Clout! Your Voice Is Your Power!" is a book that blends the author's experience as an English teacher, how-to publishing tips, and insights from the author's grief journey to empower readers as writers and editors of their Life, by exploring their inner child's voice as a source of motivation to complete a personal project.


Our inner child never leaves us. Coming to terms with trauma, neglect, and misgivings that have lurked in our lives' shadows is the groundwork for personal development. Pushing through negative emotions by processing the past through written form is a freeing and powerful way to take ownership of our sense of oppression and shift it into an expansive mindset. 


Using quotes from acclaimed psychotherapists, spiritual healers from around the world, and literary geniuses as the foundation of the book-with practical tips the author has learned while publishing four earlier books-readers will discover basic writing methods to enhance their narrative and find themselves overqualified to write their first book, legacy statement, song, or whatever they chose their way.


If you picked up this book, your past was preparing you for this moment.


And your future self will thank you. 

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