Savor the View by Ross Victory is the sonic extension of his new book "Views from the Cockpit: The Journey of a Son," and a bonus track supplied on the audiobook, with the support of singer/songwriter Alicia Nicole and music producer Pnxcho!, Savor the View provides the audible bliss listeners seek. Through melodic riffs, sincere yet dreamy vocals, and instrumentation structured in adult contemporary R&B, the track melts together like butter on hot toast, while never straying from the book’s core message of acceptance.

Savor the View attempts to lift listeners, eyes closed, to atmospheric levels of joy and inspiration without being derivative or overly pleasing. Through subtle trap high-hats, memorable guitar riffs and pulsing percussion, Savor the View positions itself to evoke love, loss, landscapes, and personal memories simultaneously. “I still feel you reaching out for me,” “trust the air beneath my wings,” “one last view with you,” Ross sings, reminding us that our pasts have passed—the future is unwritten and, all we can do, in fact, is “cherish moments” and keep it moving.

The foundation of Savor the View is the book, Views from the Cockpit: The Journey of a Son.  The book is a father-son memoir that metaphorically links the experience of flight with the coming-of-age journey of a young boy who watched airplanes land and take off with his father.

As the track suggests, the book follows the ups and downs in Ross' relationship with his late father, Claude B. Victory, Jr. After Ross discovers that his father is terminally ill and a victim of elder abuse, Ross is forced into deep self-reflection and compelled to consider the interconnected themes of love, loss, divorce, manhood and the deep need for self-trust. Memories shared in the book include traveling around the world, savoring exotic landscapes, turbulent experiences like divorce, death, depression, and resentment, and finally, complete acceptance and resilience. The underlying message of the book and the accompanying music is to accept fleeting moments and ultimately to "Savor the View" of life’s gifts and painful lessons.

Savor the View was recorded and mastered at Good Vibes Studioz in Burbank, CA, managed and operated by artist and producer Imani Church.

Savor the View cover reveal will be Tuesday, September 24.

Savor the View will be released with the audiobook of Views from the Cockpit: The Journey of a Son on Friday, November 1, in time for the holidays, when moments with friends and family matter most.

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